PolyMao Research Group



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Selected as Hot Paper by Angewandte Chemie!


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Highlighted by 高分子科技; 功能高分子学报

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This work is Invited for the sepcial issue of the 2019 Wolf Prize in Chemistry. We are also glad to know that other authors in this issue are Professors of E. Jacobsen (Harvard), D. MacMillan (Princeton), J. Yu (Scripps), P. Baran (Scripps), M. S. Sanford (University of Michigan), M. S. Sigman (University of Utah), G. Molander (UPen), J. Wolfe (University of Michigan), A. Echavarren (ICIQ), R. A. Widenhoefer (Duke University), D. Wang (SIOC), etc. 

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This work is selected in 2019 Chemical Science HOT Article Collection. Highlighted by X-mol and RSC.

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Highlighted by 高分子科学前沿

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